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Morning Pastel Studio

OPEN STUDIO – NO INSTRUCTION . Monday, 9 - Noon. Sept 28 - Nov 16th

Start the week off right-doing pastel! Limitless creativity (and coffee!) flows through our spacious studio. Come in and cozy up with your mug to create with peers.


Monday Night Open Studio

OPEN STUDIO – NO INSTRUCTION . Monday, 6:30 - 9 PM . Sept 28 - Nov 16th

For those that need a space and a community to make art come out on Monday nights. Most of the artists are painting in pastels, but all mediums are welcomed from acrylic painting, drawing, and oils. It is a fun night filled with painting, lively art discussions and mutual critiques to progress your creative process.


Color Theory in Painting

Tracey Maras . Saturday, 10 AM - 4 PM . Oct 31st + Nov 1st

Color is the greatest tool that an artist has to express emotion. This workshop provides introduction to the manipulation of color to create emotion and communicate the message of the painting, going beyond copying local color. Exercises in the use of the Color Wheel as a tool for planning and development of color schemes are incorporated throughout the workshop. The techniques that will be provided are applicable to painting mediums of pastel, oil or acrylic.There will be an hour break for lunch.

Supplies: Participants should bring: painting supplies; a reference photo of a very simple scene (e.g. simple landscape, a single tree, a single flower, etc.); other reference photos from which to create a painting; 5 small papers or canvases (e.g. 5x7”); 1 or 2 larger papers or canvases (size of your choice); and a color wheel, if you have one (any color wheel is fine).

If the participant wishes to order a color wheel prior to the workshop, I recommend “Creative Color Wheel” from (also available through


Intermediate Pastels

Sheri Ramsey . Wednesday, 1- 4 PM . Sept 30 - Nov 18th


Individual soft pastel instruction is given with attention to personal style of each artist. Concentration will be on good composition, focal point success and the impression each painting gives to the viewer. We will talk about and experience new papers and techniques. There will be individual demonstrations on students’ work if desired. Since this is an Intermediate level class there will be no whole-class demonstrations unless requested by the whole class. We will learn by doing.

Supplies: Sanded pastel paper, soft pastels – as many as you can bring, pencil (HB), pastel pencil(s) (dark but not black), other pastel pencils if you want, vinyl eraser, oil paint brush #5 or so round and/or flat, drawing board, artist tape, photographs (your own!) Other options: Turpenoid, alcohol, oil paint, watercolor, brushes.