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Loose Lips Sink Ships: Erasures & Altered Books

Jessica Hagemann. Saturday 3 - 6PM . October 4 - November 22

During WWI and WWII, letters written by soldiers to their families were censored for information that, if intercepted, could have been useful to the enemy. Censors either literally cut out this information or obliterated it with black ink. The end result was that the letter became something else entirely. The words left exposed told a different story,full of incomplete phrases and unnaturally justaposed images that read almost like poetry. In this class, you get to be the censor. Each student will select a book of his/her choice to "alter," using paint, collage, illustration, etc to "censor" some words and in the process, create both a brand new story/poem and an heirloom art book! This class is for artists, writers, poets, historians, collectors & aficionados 13+. No experience necessary!