M. G. Nelson Family Gallery

From the tradional to the most contemporaty, the M. G. Nelson Family Gallery brings a variety of high-quality visual arts from a cross the country to Springfield's front door for the benefit of the entire community. Best of all, the gallery is free and open to the public. An average of twelve exhibitions rotate through the gallery each year, in addition to special events. These exhibitions represent art from as close as the elementary school across the street and as far away as Russia.

We are always looking for new, high quality work to exhibit. Our Exhibition space is approximately 1368 square feet with 150 feet of linear wall space that is 15 feet tall. One moveable wall is also available. We accept exhibition proposals year round. The gallery calendar is set in late September for the following year. It is rare for us to award solo exhibitions. Most often we will create small groups of artists to display together. With this in mind, we welcome proposals from small groups of artists who work and show well together. In addition, we present two juried exhibitions each year. The calls for these exhibitions go out nationwide. Please see the calls for exhibitions page for current information.

M. G. Nelson Family Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM | Saturday 10AM - 3PM | Sunday Closed